Online learning has become a mainstream in education at least now when covid-19 has changed the teaching and learning circumstances. In spring 2020 a new term was born emergency remote teaching but learners soon gave feedback that this is not the right way to do online learning. It is not a question of just transmitting the teaching but to think differently and change teaching and learning deeper. Learner centered education and learning design are the key perspectives into quality online learning. I help teachers to change their mindset and get familiar with online tools in a training Become an eTeacher in 3 Weeks together with professor Jussi Mertsola.  The training is meant for educational institutions, private and public sector organizations together with associations etc. We tailor the training according the needs of each organization. We are happy to tell you more.


Digital storytelling is an approach which makes the participants reflect, commit themselves and inspire. Process of digital storytelling and the listening of stories made by others bring out the voice of the individual and empowers. The storyteller, the group or whole community can learn from stories. If desired, the global public can share the story with the help of social media. I am interested in the connections digital storytelling has to learning and to the development of organisations. Digital Storytelling and Narratives in Learning is my research title as a PhD student.

I organize digital storytelling workshops for different groups, organisations and projects as a freelancer.,

As a method digital storytelling is very flexible and I believe the use of digital storytelling will grow as part of user generated contents in schools, projects, organizations and elsewhere in near future. Technology is no more an obstacle. The only limit is our imagination.

See also list of my publications.

2 responses

25 01 2019

Hi Satu! Very interesting subject of your research project. Do you follow much the work of Jim Groom and #ds106? Best regards from Karlstad, Jörg

25 01 2019
Satu Hakanurmi

Hi Jörg, yes DST and visual are nowadays integrating into many fields more and more. Jim is unknown for me and the course #ds106 but thanks for the tip. There are other Sweds and Norwegians I´ve been collaborating in DST. BR, Satu


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